Sunday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. I’m sitting on a megabus parked on Penn Station in New York City amidst a monsoon. Okay, it wasn’t quite a monsoon but it was definitely worlds away from a light sprinkle. I had moved into the Disciple House on Saturday and Sunday morning I took a bus to the NYC to see a few friends. After all, the beginning orientation for DY wasn’t until Tuesday.

I walk through the rain with my teeny, tiny umbrella praying to Jesus to stop the rain. It seemed like a forever and a day walk. My Toms got soaked. Yes, friends who think I talk about my Toms too much… I’m talking about my Toms!!!! Deal with it.

In the city I hung out with my friends. We had food and drinks and laughs. Overall, it was lots and lots of fun.

However Monday afternoon as I board a megabus back to the district, I’m just overwhelmed with joy that I live in DC rather than New York.

Sometimes I wonder what 16-year-old Nina would think of 23-year-old Nina. When I was 16, my dad brought me to New York for a business trip. I fell in love. I decided that I would go to college and then get a job at a magazine in New York. I envisioned living in a trendy loft in Greenwich Village and living like the cast of “Friends.”

That dream has lost it’s allure. There are a lot of people in New York but not a whole lot of community. I’m not saying community is an impossible thing in that city and I’m sure it exists somewhere there. It just doesn’t seem as apparent.

However I LOVE the district. Being a part of Discipleship Year automatically puts me in community. Plus in DC, I’ve already met tons of nice and loving people. DC is just.. nice. Oh and the metro is simple compared to the New York subway with all those letters and numbers that confuse me.

So I guess in all this reflection, I’m happy to be where I am. And I really have no idea what to expect for this year 🙂