Hey readers,

Wow.. life has traveled fast. Moving in seems like yesterday. Fast forward about 14 days and you’ll find a Nina sitting on the second floor of a row house in DC, half Facebooking and half blogging.

A lot has changed. This is now the sixth time I’ve held the title of intern. When is Nina going to make money, you’re probably asking. Ha, good question. Of course this internship has many awesome benefits.. living in the district, living in community, taking seminary-like classes (Servant Leadership School!), etc. I’m interning through a year-long service program where all the essentials are covered in a monthly stipend (housing, heath insurance, food, personal spending, etc.) So don’t worry about me folks. I can eat and I eat pretty well. I’m also now a saucy city biker and I commute to work on my pedals. I have six new roommates, ages ranging from 22-36. I’ve also worshipped at a few new churches.. New Community Church in the Shaw neighborhood, the Festival Church and the Friends of Jesus Church. All are through Church of the Savior. Oh and now I’ve attended a few rallies as a resident. I attended two very different rallies last Saturday. I’ll let you guess which ones 😉

Orientation week ended Tuesday and now I’m in the grind. I wake up around 7:45 am every day and am out the door at 8:30 am on my bike, dodging cars and getting a workout. What I do each day at the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns varies from day to day. So Maryknoll as an organization is an order of sisters, brothers and fathers in the Catholic church and then lay missioners. There are people serving in America and abroad. The office I’m working for was created as a way for Maryknoll to influence global policy as many of the missioners see changes that need to happen every day but can’t really advocate for them being miles and miles from Washington. So that is my job!

In some ways, part of my job is doing what I already do. I already try to stay up-to-date with current global events. I’m already on e-mail listservs for tons of groups working on social justice issues. And I’m already looking out for rallies to attend about the issues I care about… most of which are in line with what Maryknoll advocates for. And I’m allowed to attend rallies as a part of my work day. Awesome!

Another cool part of my job is that I get to blend writing and communication with advocacy and activism. I’ve always said I would love to do writing and communications for a non-profit, specifically a faith-based advocacy organization in Washington DC. And now that dream has come true! Thank you, Lord! Thank you! You are good 🙂

Now I’m really craving a bowl of cereal. So I must do that.



Ps. I got a camera. I still need a memory card though. But look forward to blogs with pictures in the future.