I’m gettin into a grove here. A routine. And I like it.

Yesterday was Saturday and for the third week in a row, I’ve done sort of the same thing. My alarm sounded at 9 am and of course I hit the snooze button a few times. I then rolled out of bed, put some clothing on and fixed myself up. I traveled downstairs where my housemates were sitting at the dining room table making lists. We compiled a grocery list and then Tamara, Rachel and I were off to the co-op and Farmer’s Market. We tried to get everything we could from our list at these two places. It’s great to buy local food. And shopping at the Farmer’s Market makes you just feel like you’re a part of the neighborhood. You’re part of a village.

The co-op is great too. There are a lot of like-minded people who are members as well. And now that we’re all members, we get to help with the harvest as well. Okay, not the actual harvest. However we are expected to work for a few hours every six weeks. And that’s not so bad to get quality food.

What I love is the walk. Mt. Pleasant doesn’t feel like the rest of DC. Mt. Pleasant Rd. is the main strip and it’s not a major road like 16th or Columbia or 18th, full of traffic and bar hopers at night. There are lots of cute little restaurants and shops. There’s definitely a big Hispanic population in the neighborhood, so you’ll probably find the best tacos in Mt. Pleasant. And then once you get into the more residential area, you’ll find beautiful homes. Some of them even have front yards. It’s just a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Mt. Pleasant really fits it’s name.

After our food adventure, I lugged a few re-usable bags full of produce back to the house. I must say, re-usable bags are the way to go for city shopping. One bag holds what would take maybe 5-6 plastic bags. And when you’re finished shopping, you just put it over your shoulder and walk home.

After a little break and some food at the house, Jessica and I board the metro and ride to Eastern Market, DC’s outdoor market. It’s only a little ways of a walk from the capitol. We have our fun perusing the booths and imaging what we may purchase if our stipend was larger. And then because we were close, we thought hey, why not go to the Library of Congress? Done!

The evening was spent talking with a housemate. I’m finding that one-on-one interactions are really the best for community building. It’s from these interactions that we come to understand one another and really know each other. The Lord keeps surprising me and bringing me joy through my community here.

So that’s what a Saturday looks like in DC. Before I know it, it’ll be Monday morning again.