I’ve been here over two months. It seems like yesterday I was just moving here and now it’s October 29. So here are some thoughts on the world.

I’m learning a lot about the world. At Maryknoll I read and write a lot about the world. I attend meetings at think tanks and on the hill. I’ve written about international debt, climate change in Asia, mountaintop removal mining and the millennium development goals. I also take a class every Tuesday at the Servant Leadership School about the environmental crisis and our faith. It’s sad and overwhelming what’s going on on this planet. I’m glad I’m taking this year to learn and use my voice to bring these concerns to others. And it’s really challenging me to think about the choices I make every day. On one hand, living in DC has made a sustainable life a bit easier. I no longer need a car and I bike and take the public transit everywhere. I have access to a co-op and a few farmers markets. Yet plastic and styrofoam are still everywhere and we’re still burning coal.

If every person on the planet lived like us Americans do, we’d need like five planets. FIVE PLANETS!  When I hear stuff like this I feel like it’s a wake-up call to us crazy Americans! Change your lifestyle! Stop living so wastefully! But not everyone is lucky to have such a nice subway system like we do here. And some like to travel. While the Megabus is incredibly affordable, it only goes to certain cities.

I’ve been thinking a lot about infrastructure changes I’d like to see in America. If we had an affordable highspeed rail connecting all the major cities in America, congestion on highways would lessen. Furthermore, if every city built some sort of a light rail system, people wouldn’t need their cars every day. Every city could be like New York, Chicago or DC!

The idea of car-sharing is another one I think needs to spread. So there are times you just need a car. So maybe instead of every person having their own car, a community of people get together and share a car or two. It’s brilliant.

I’ve learned that one of my favorite things to do is dream and scheme. I love making brilliant plans and I feel like I have some good ones for how the world should run. Overall, I value community. I value really knowing your neighbors and sharing resources. And in the next few decades, we may have no choice but to share.

Other than this, life is great! I’m getting to know my housemates and others in the community. I’m laughing and scheming and loving the Lord. Do I miss Cincinnati and Bowling Green? Yes probably every day. But DC is a new adventure and it’s just something I kind of had to do after college. Will I stay her after Agust 5, 2011. Well, that is up to the Lord. I just need to let that concern go and trust. Ah.