So I knew this would happen… I’d have lots of diligence in regards to my blog the first few months here.. and then the posts would become more intermittent. Ah.. oh well.

Today is Turkey Day and I’m in Washington, DC but I have plans! This morning/afternoon I’m going to the Potter’s House and I’m helping serve a meal for the homeless in DC. After that I board the metro for Springfield, Va. where I’ll spend the rest of the day with my friend Johanna and her family. Then tomorrow my sister Laura and two of her friends are visiting me for the rest of the weekend! I’m predicting a nice, relaxing and definitely not boring Turkey break!

What else has happened.. my housemates and I traveled to SOA Watch. Megabus just introduced like a million new DC destination points: MAD MEGABUS!!! And I’m realizing my love for public transportation and information.

Love you all.